International German Genealogy Partnership
 Agreement to Join
International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP)


The International German Genealogy Partnership was formally founded in May 2015. It was an agreement between four organizations. It now includes over 100 organizations in four different continents. This partnership is open to all organizations interested in German genealogical research.

Common Goals

The goal of this Partnership is to strengthen each partner organization for the benefit of their members. The common elements of this agreement are to create a partnership between organizations interested in German Genealogy research; to share strategies for research; to help develop contacts between organizations and individuals; to create a list of most valuable references, resources and websites and to create contact lists of organizations, speakers, researchers, and translators in support of this partnership.


Partner Expectations

By joining this partnership our organization agrees with the above Common Goals and the Mission Statement and Vision as stated on the IGGP website.
As a Partner organization we also agree to the following:
  • We agree to actively participate in building and supporting the partnership
  • We understand that volunteer assistance is strongly encouraged (projects, organization, etc.)
  • To provide information about our society for the IGGP website’s Partner Listings
  • We acknowledge that information in the Partner Only Section of the IGGP website is for Partner leaders and representatives only. (Information that can be shared will be clearly marked.)
If your society would like to join this partnership, contact