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Hotel Reservation Questions
Are discounted hotel rooms still available for IGGC participants?
Registration Questions

Are discounted hotel rooms still available for IGGC participants?
The Hyatt Hotel, where the conference is held, is nearly full for the currently allocated conference rooms. While some additional Hyatt rooms may become available through cancellations, the Marriot Residence Inn--which is only 2 blocks away from the Hyatt--has conference hotel rooms allocated and available at the conference discounted rate.
How do I register?
Click REGISTER NOW under the Conference 2019 menu to display the IGGC online registration form.  There is no need to select your preferred sessions to attend.  Seating is on a first come, first serve basis.  The online registration session listings do not reflect recent necessary changes to the schedule. 
May I register for only part of the conference?
Partial conference registrations are not available.
What are my payment options?
The online registration form uses the PayPal service to process credit cards.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  Successful use of the PayPal service will immediately confirm your payment.  You can also select a pay by check option.  If you select this option, your registration is not complete until your check is received.  Payment is due within 10 days of registration, and absolutely no later than May 10th.  All unpaid items will be cancelled on May 11th.
PayPal did not accept my payment card. What do I do now?
If you are still within PayPal you can try a different card.  Note that PayPal will not accept most debit cards, check cards and gift cards.  If you’ve exited PayPal without providing payment, your registration is saved but not confirmed.  You have 2 options to complete your payment.
    1) Mail a check payable to SGGS, 11230 Gold Express Dr. #310-415, Gold River, CA 95670
    2) Contact the Help Desk for credit card payment assistance.
May I purchase my meals later?
Meals may be purchased later, but capacity is limited for meal events. See How to Add below.
How do I add to my registration?
Select the Update Your Registration option under the Conference 2019 menu.  After entering your registration email address and confirmation number, you can update your contact information and add selections.  If you add an extra-cost option, see payment options above.
How do I change items in my registration?
The Update Your Registration option under the Conference 2019 menu provides a limited ability to make changes. See the foregoing question for more information or contact the Help Desk.
What if I am unable to register online?
You can download a paper registration form here and mail it with your payment to the address on the form. Note that your registration is not confirmed until both are received and processed.  Registration and payment must be received no later than May 10th.
How do I include information that does not fit within the U.S. formatted fields?
Enter any such information into the Considerations / Note field.  Zero-fill in any required numeric fields.
What is the cost of the conference?
Cost for the conference is $375.
Do I have to pay for a syllabus?
A digital PDF syllabus is included with your registration at no charge. There is a charge for the printed syllabus or for a syllabus provided on a flash drive.
Are my class selections actual seat reservations?
Your class selections are important to help us allocate rooms, but are not reservations and are not binding. All seating will be on a first come basis.
How can I get more information about the listed classes and speakers?
Select Schedule + Videos option under the Conference 2019 menu to view or download the schedule.
When do I get my registration packet?
Pick up your registration packet on Friday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM or Saturday from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM.  Late arrivals can pick up their packet at the conference information desk.
Do I have to register my companions who will not be attending the lectures?
If your companions will be attending the Friday Biergarten or the Sunday Banquet, they must register as guests. Registration for a companion not attending a paid event is optional, but it would provide your companion with a guest badge.
What are guests allowed to do and not do?
Guests may visit the vendor areas. They may also register for two paid events: the Friday Biergarten and the Sunday Banquet and attend the Connection sessions. They may not attend the presentation sessions or keynote luncheons.
Are there volunteer opportunities for guests during conference sessions?
Yes, select the volunteer option when registering as a guest and you will be contacted if a volunteer opportunity arises.
How do I cancel my registration?
Contact the Help Desk, and provide your registration confirmation number.  Registration requested cancellations on or before May 10, 2019 incur a minimum $50 cancellation fee. No cancellation requests are accepted after May 10, 2019.  
What happens if I need to cancel a meal event?
Meals are non-refundable, but you may be able to resell your meal in person through the conference information table.