International German Genealogy Partnership

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Interested in Joining the Partnership?

This partnership is open to organizations that are interested in Germanic genealogy research.  We welcome individual volunteers from our partners.

The International German Genealogy Partnership includes genealogical organizations and societies interested in German genealogical research worldwide.  Already there over 100 organizations that have agreed to become partners and several others that will soon be joining us.
If your society is interested in being involved or in learning more about the International German Genealogy Partnership, please send an email to info@iggpartner.org.
If your organization wishes to join, please complete and send in a scanned copy of the Partnership Agreement Document.
The next IGGP partnership meeting will be held Thursday November 15, 2018.  (12pm to 2pm Central Time). Times may change to better include additional international groups. It will be conducted as a web conference call. We invite German genealogy leaders to attend remotely from home. If you are interested in being included, please send an email to info@iggpartner.org.
2018 meeting dates: January 18, March 15, May 17, July 19, September 20, November 15
There are also plans to schedule Partnership Meetings for German Speakers in 2018. Next German language web conference will be on October 25, 2018 at 20:00 MEZ (1 pm CDT)
Committees have been formed to work on several of the agreed goals of the Partnership. If you would like to participate please send an email to info@iggpartner.org.
  • Organization Committee - to finalize the process of becoming a non-profit organization
  • 2019 IGGP Conference Committee - there are many specialized committees within this committee
  • Correspondance Committee - assisting with inquiries to IGGP through email or social media
  • Finance Committee - we are looking for a IGGP treasurer to work with volunteers in this committee
  • Partner Committee - a welcoming committee for new partners and outreach for additional partners
  • Publicity Committee - looking for assistance in spreading the word about our partnership and projects to the public and between partners
  • Research Committee - we are finalizing plans for a Research Assistance Request form and system to address incoming requests
  • Technology Committee - current focus, translating website into German, website and social media updates
  • Volunteer Committee - will collect and organize names of current volunteers, address volunteer needs, and help locate additional volunteers

If your organization wishes to join, please complete and send in a scanned copy of the Partnership Agreement Document.