International German Genealogy Partnership
June 30
12:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Pommerntag means Pomeranian Day and is a one-day celebration of all things Pomeranian. This year is the 44th annual celebration with free admission and parking. ...

July 13
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Using DNA to Trace Family: The Basics (Workshop)
Presented by Andrew Hochreiter   Direct to Consumer DNA test kits have introduced an important tool for genealogists and family historians. Genetic Genealogy provides another way to ...

July 17
San Diego GIG: Fritz Juengling speaking
Fritz Juengling will be speaking at the meeting of the German Interest Group of the San Diego Genealogical Society. Details.

August 5
FEEFHS 26th Annual East European Family History Conference
Registration is now open for the FEEFHS 26th Annual East European Family History Conference to be held August 5-9, 2019. The program will be at ...

August 15
SGGEE Grow Your Family Tree (annual convention)
Programs and activities for those with German ancestors who lived in Poland and Ukraine (Volhynia). Research room and assistance available. Banquet. Hotel reservations are now ...

2019 IGGC - Sacramento

Registration is closed and the conference concludes on June 17. To see photos of the conference, go to its photo album page.
Please Note: The 2019 IGGC support email address will remain functional until June 30, as will an attendee's ability to download the syllabus using the link emailed on May 27. After June 30, email the Sacramento German Genealogy Society <> for conference related issues.
(posted June 8 on the Conference 2019 page)
2019 IGGC coming to Sacramento illustration
See Conference 2019 page for more details.
Remember to check out the IGGC blog as well !


By Dr. Roger P. Minert

Sacramento: A Capitol Idea



Partners Gather at 7. Westfälischer Genealogentag!

March brought another conference, this time in Germany and another very busy booth.
IGGP members and friends at the 7. Westfälischer Genealogentag, Altenberge, Germany - DAGV, CompGen, Oldenburgische Gesellschaft für Familienkunde, Roland zu Dortmund.
IGGP members photo
A map was created to give a visual of where the current partner organizations are located.
photo of world map with member locations pinned

Partners Unite at RootsTech 2017!

2017 has already begun to see connections made between partner organizations withing the Internation German Genealogy Partnership.  Two highlights have been our presence at two well attended events.  One in the United States and one in Germany.
In February, several Partner representatives from 5 different organizations met and ran a booth at RootsTech, an extremely large genealogy conference held in Salt Lake City.
photo of five of the leaders photo of Dirk and Kim
Every time Dirk Weissleder gave a talk, our booth would be flooded.  It was wonderful to talk to so many people about their German heritage where ever they were found in the world.

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The International German Genealogy Partnership is a group of partner societies interested in German Genealogy. 


The partnership is a network to share ideas, contacts, research information and resources to help our members trace their Germanic heritage wherever it is found.


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The IGGP facilitates German genealogy research globally as the internationally recognized federation of German genealogy organizations. IGGP was formerly known as German-American Genealogical Partnership (GAGP).


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